small & personalized cooking class in Chiang Mai

タイ・北部タイ料理教室 一人でもOKです。(日本語のご案内はこのページの後半をご覧ください。)      By ThaiCooking ChiangMai


Thai , Northern Thai ,Vegetarian , Street food , Seafood , Royal Thai , Private 

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*** Recommended by 2 "Lonely planet" Thailand guide books 


*** Recommended by Japanese guide books and Hong Kong guide book

Learn to  cook Thai food with authentic taste & fine ingredients in a very small group 2~4 persons per class with a reasonable price. You will be my guest at my home, not like other touristy cooking school. A day at school...

     The Chiang Mai Gate market is a well managed Thai fresh market on the way to my home, you will see seasoning shop, rice shop, fresh coconut milk shop, ready-to-eat food vendor and we will buy fruit & snack for our meal here. more detail...





     Our home organic garden - is under renovated -  has many kind of plants such as bird's eye chili, sweet eggplant, bitter eggplant, kaffir lime, sweet basil, hot basil, lemon basil, culantro, roselle, turmeric which I take care and love to see it grow day by day. more detail...


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    At cooking class , all ingredients are well selected and prepared by me. Before cooking I will explain and demonstrate in every step. Even you never cook, you would think it's so easy and enjoy it ! more detail...




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     Thai food recipes created from my experiences in culinary school, hotel and many restaurants I visited.

     Northern Thai food , I like most,  I learned to cook from my mother who is the best cooker in my home. I also learned to cook northern Thai food from the cultural event such as new house celebration, wedding and religion events.  






   Hello !

Arm (Nitipong) is well trained from Thai culinary school and 5-star hotel in Chiang Mai  read more about school . 



         I started this cooking school because I have a desire to let people know more  Thai food and Northern Thai food that make me feel happy every time guest visit me. Cooking class  is a very small class so that I can pay attention to everyone making sure that you will have a good cooking experience.       

      After cooking class you will be able to cook Thai food at your home with a confident which is the best souvenir from Chiang Mai to your family and friends. 

     I f you plan your trip to travel Chiang Mai, please come and enjoy delicious meal with me !   

Thai , Northern Thai , Vegetarian , Street food , Seafood , Royal Thai , Private 







     本語OK  優しく丁寧にタイ料理を教えるアーム先生は料理トレーニング センターにてタイ料理を学び、5つ星ホテルにてタイ料理の修行を積みました。

 私がこの料理教室めた理由は多くの人々にタイ料理を知って欲しいです。いつもゲストが来たらうれしいです。講師の目が行き届きやすい、4人以下の少人数制のレッスンです。チェンマイ旅行にしたら一緒に楽しくタイ料理を作りましょう ! 


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